I'm producing + writing my first ever short film!


As an actor in the entertainment industry, the fear of not getting cast due to my weight is always very present inside of me, and in many other female actors that I know. I have witnessed firsthand how the toxicity involved in the journey of an aspiring musical theatre professional can directly affect their mental health, physical health, and emotional health. I firmly believe we, as humans, should never compromise those things in our lives.


Body image, body dysmorphia, and disordered eating are all too existent in our society, and only amplified in performance communities, ranging from middle school and high school dance and theatre to Broadway and Hollywood. The toxic conditioning of body standards beginning at such a young age forces us actors, as we move into our collegiate and professional careers, to hyper-focus on our body image instead of hyper-focusing on our art.

Throughout the many years involved in the dance/theatre/film world so far, I've experienced the side effects of these standards myself and have also experienced my friends being treated in similar ways that Gemma is treated in the film.

It's horrifying, to put it bluntly.


Now more than ever am I determined to pave my own way in the entertainment industry, and fight for change in the very communities I have been involved in and am still involved in.


I was inspired to tell this story for women everywhere who don't have the courage, can't find the courage, and plainly shouldn't have to have the courage in the first place to stand up for themselves against the gatekeepers of the industry. 

If I can do anything in this world, I hope it’s to impact future generations - fight for change for the sake of those to follow, because no industry is worth the cost of your well-being.