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Hey, hey, hey!

Welcome to my website!
Here's a bit about me and my work:

Megan is an actor, writer, filmmaker, fit model, and the owner of CTD. CONVOS (FKA Megan Transcribes), a podcast transcription and proofreading company that supports female-identifying podcast hosts and entrepreneurs. She's based in Redondo Beach, California - just outside of Los Angeles. Her background is in musical theatre, and she holds a BFA from Wichita State University.

She's extremely passionate about telling stories about the female experience - whether that be writing them, acting in them, bringing these stories to life through filmmaking, or supporting female hosts in sharing their stories through their podcast or entrepreneurial material.

When Megan is not acting, modeling, filmmaking, or transcribing and proofreading, you can find her at the beach, at a hot yoga class, playing with dogs, or at a local brewery with friends.

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